"How You Can Take Your Software Or Mobile Application Idea &  Eliminate 98% Of The Risk Before Spending A Penny On Development."
Hi - I'm Geordie Wardman and I help people successfully launch their software applications, and mobile applications with the least amount of risk possible.

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How you can eliminate the risk of having your development project go badly, without spending a penny on development.

How to cut your development costs down by 75%.

How to find the perfect development team to help you build your 6 figure application.

I’ve known the folks at OneStopDevShop for just shy of a decade. Geordie is one of the most focused and professional people I’ve worked with when he sets his mind on achieving a goal. They were instrumental in coming in and saving a software project I started that was costing me tens of thousands of dollars per month. They immediately rescued the project, got the team aligned towards an end goal that was going to help our customers and ultimately did it in a very short time frame, saving me a lot of time, money and effort.

Todd Herman, Creator of The 90 Day Year
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